What is Verb ?

A word which tells or signifies activity of something or Someone is called Verb.

Verb gives following notion.

What a person or thing does ?
E.g: Narsing Yadav is wrestler for India.
What happens to a person or thing ?
E.g: Witness in Sharabuddin case is killed.
Condition of a person or thing ?
E.g: Prime Minister felt sorry for Dalits being thrashed by Gau rakshaks.

Transitive Verb: (Passing over verb is known as Transitive Verb): When action passes to an object.
E.g : India lost to Germany in Hockey at Rio Olympic.
Intransitive Verb: Denotes those actions which does not pass to an object and lies with Subject.
E.g Narsing yadav is wrestler.

Note: Verbs can be used transitively and Intransitively

Exception: come , go, lie, sleep (are always intransitive verb as can not be used for an object)

Verb is also divided as
Auxiliary Verb: When Verb comes before another verb then its said to be auxiliary verb i.e: Be , Shall, May , could etc

2. Main Verb: All other verbs are called Main verb.

E.g: Prime minister should act against Gau Rakshaks

Should: Auxuliary verb
Act: Main Verb

Verb can be also defined as

Dynamic Verb: Verb which shows a process or an action or create Hype are known as Dynamic verb.
Static Verb: Verb which shows “Situation” or “state”

E.g : Saudi Arab to fix foreign worker tragic issue.

Dynamic Verb: Fix
Static Verb: Tragic

Finite verb and Non Finite Verb

Finite Verb: Verb that “agrees” with Subject in given sentence is finite.
Infinite Verb: Verb that can not be used alone as “Main verb” in sentence.

E.g: Walmart to buy for 3 bn $ to lift online sales.

Buy: Finite Verb
Lift: Infinite verb

Regular Verb & Irregular Verb

Regular verb: Also known as weak verb Verbs whose past tense and Past participle is achieved by adding “d,ed sometimes as T”

Irregular Verb: Do not end with “ed”Also known as strong verb

E.g : Government expects to get Rs 5.56 lakh Cr from Auction of Spectrum on 29th Sept.

Regular Verb: Auction , Expect
Irregular verb: Get

Rules to Spot Error for Bank Exams/SSC Exams related to verb

1. Some nouns look like to be plural but are also used as Singular and thus always take Singular verb.

Example: Information system are used to define organisational system of RBI.

If we use “Information system” then “is” will be used.
If we use “Information systems” then are will be used.

2. When two singular noun joined by a conjunction which points to a singular person or thing will have Singular Verb

E.g Incorrect: Urban development minister and IB minister are on leave.

Correct: Urban development minister and IB minister is on leave.

3. When Something is happening from Past and still continues then Present Perfect tense of verb needs to be used.

E.g: Incorrect: Hockey is national game of India for last 60 year.

Hockey has been national game of India for last 60 years.

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