Coding Decoding question for SSC CGL exam

Coding Decoding  question for SSC CGL exam

Coding Decoding  question for SSC CGL exam IBPS PO/BANK exam preparation. 

In any communication(verbal or nonverbal), there are always two parties i.e. Sender (The one who wants to send the data)  and Receiver(one who receives the data).We always want to send our data securely. For this purpose, we use the  mechanism of coding and decoding so that the third party (other than the sender and receiver) can never understand the communication of both the parties.

Coding means transforming the original data into an encrypted form which follows a certain pattern.Coding is also known as  encryption.

Decoding means converting the coded data into an original form. It is also known as Decryption.

The coding and decoding test is setup to determine the ability of a candidate that he is capable to decipher any code or message.

Type 1-Letter Coding

Q1. TAP is SZO, then FREEZE is

  1. EQDFYG         2) EQDDYD            3) ESDFYF         4) GQFDYF                                          (SSC CGL Tier-I 2015)

Q2. If the word PRINCIPAL is written as LAPICNIRP, how ADOLESCENCE can be written in that code?                                                                                                                   (SSC CHSL DEO&LDC 2014)

1) ECNCESELODA               2) ECNECSLEODA                   3) ECNSCEELODA                        4) ECNECSELODA

Q3. In a certain Language PROSE is coded as PPOQE. How will LIGHT be coded?                                                                                                                                                                                    (SSC CGL Tier-I 2014)

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2) LIGFT                 2) LGGHT            3) LLGFE          4) LGGFT

Q4. If JOSEPH is coded as FKOALD,then how GEORGE will be coded in that code language?

  1. CADMNO         2) CAKNIT       3) CAKNCA          4) JAKINS                                           (SSC GL Tier-I 2013)

Coding Decoding  question for SSC CGL/BANK exam

Q5. In a certain code language DHIE is written as WSRV and AEFB is written as ZVUY. How will GKLH be written in that code language?                                          (IBPS Bank PO/MT CWE-III 2013)

Study the following information carefully and answer the questions given below:

In a certain code Language,

‘Rural and urban  divide’ is coded as

Na ku        za          la

‘Gap in rural infrastructure’ is coded as

Kt     la vm pi

‘Urban    planning   more   important’ is coded as

ti              na        cu       bu

‘More   divide   than    gap’ is coded as

Pi          cu         dm        za

(IBPS RRB officer Scale-I 2014)

Q6. What is the code for ‘and’?

  1. zu              2) na                3) ku                      4) la                   5) cannot be determined

Q7. What is the code for ‘gap’?

Q8. What is the code for ‘rural distance’?

  1. zu la           2) la dm          3) pi zu               4) ku la              5) cannot be determined

Q9. What is the code for ‘than’?

  1. pi               2) dm                3) cu                   4) zu                    5) ti

Q10. Which of the following may possibly be the code for ”infrastructure gap divide rural and urban planning’?

1) bu ku na zu pi la cu

2) vm la zu pi na cu ku

3) kt bu zu pi ti vm la

4) la ku vm kt ti bu na

5) cannot be determined

Type 2-Number Coding

There are  two coding mechanism that is used in these type of questions.

i) Alphabetical code letters are assigned to the numbers


ii) Numerical code values are assigned to a word.

i) Alphabetical code letters are assigned to the numbers-

Q11. In a code Language the following alphabets are coded in a particular way.

                                                                                                                (SSC Combined Metric Level(Pre) 2002)

1 5 8 6 3 4 7 2 9 0

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Which group of alphabets can be decoded from the following?


  1. ALTJUK                       2) ALTUKJ                    3) ALTVJK                           4) ALTUJK

Q12. In a certain code PEN is Coded as 123,PENCIL as 123456,CABLE as 48962, then

6283123456 means what?                                                                                                          (SSC CHSL 2015)

  1. LAENPENCIL            2) LEANPNCLI               3) LANPENCIL                  4) LEANPENCIL

Q13.In a certain code 253 means ‘books are old’;’546’ means ‘man is old’ and ‘378’ means ‘buy good books.’what stands for “are” in that code?                                                                           (SSC CGL )

  1. 6           2) 2               3) 4                   4) 5

ii)numerical code values are assigned to a word-

Q14. If BROAD means 19812.Then,CLOCK means                                                              (SSC CGL 2015)

  1. 68262               2) 68622                  3) 26826                   4) 37836

Q15. If C=3, and CAT=24,what is FAULT?                                                                             (SSC Steno 2011)

  1. 60               2) 57               3) 64               4) 72

Q16. In a certain code,LONDON is coded as 24-30-28-8-30-28.How will FRANCE be coded?

  1. 10-24-6-28-6-12
  2. 12-26-6-28-8-10
  3. 12-36-2-28-6-10
  4. 12-36-2-28-8-10                                                                                                                               (SSC CGL Tier-2013)

Q17. If REASON is coded as 5 and BELIEVED as 7,what is the code number for GOVERNMENT?

                                                                                                                                     (SSC CHSL  DEO & LDC 2014)

  1. 6                    2) 8             3) 9                 4) 10


Q18. If air is called ‘green’,’green’ is called ‘blue’,’blue is called ‘sky’,’sky’ is called ‘yellow’,’yellow’ is called ‘water’ and ‘water’ is called ‘pink’ then what is the color of clear ‘sky’?                                                                                                                                         (SSC CGL Tier-I Exam 2015)

  1. Sky        2) Water            3) Blue                4) Yellow


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Q19. In a certain code language FIRE is written as #%@$  and DEAL is written as !$*^.How is FAIL Written in that code Language?                                       (Bank of Maharashtra PO Exam 2008)

  1. #*%^           2) #$%^            3) #*!$                 4) #*!^           5) None of these

Q20. Following words are written in a code language.Study them carefully and find out the word in the given code.

CAR- $ * ^

SIT- # ! @

WELL- % & ( (

MAP- ~ * )

Given Code- ( * ~ *

1) LAMP        2)LAMA       3)LAME       4)LAMB                                                                   (SSC CGL Tier I-2014)

TYPE-5 (Capital Letter to Small Letter)

Q21. Using the following code and Key,Decode the given coded word:

Code L X P Z J Y Q M N B

Key b  a  e  s p r  h i  g  t

What is the Code for the Word- ZBYXMNQB                                                                    (SSC  CGL Tier-I Exam-2015)

2) strength         2) height         3) struggle        4) straight

TYPE-6(Matrix Coding)

Q 22-26            Matrix 2

5 6 7 8 9
5 S E H B T
6 H S E T B
7 B T S E H
8 E H T B S
9 T S E H B

                          Matrix 1

0 1 2 3 4
0 F A N O I
1 I O F A N
2 A N O I F
3 O F I N A
4 N I A F O,.


  1. 33,85,88,86            b) 21,76,77,76                c) 14,67,66,67                    d) 02,56,55,59


  1. 43,42,41,78,89        b) 31,34,23,76,79          c) 24,31,10,59,57              d) 12,20,40,68,65
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  1. 31,32,33,82              b) 24,19,21,78                 c) 12,10,13,67                   d) 00,04,02,56


  1. 79,53,20,87              b) 65,56,13,57                  c) 57,56,01,59                  d) 29,85,34,93


  1. 88,30,85,86             b) 75,22,76,79                  c) 69,67,68,59                  d) 58,02,68,65


Which letter in the word “Vertex” should be changed to mean spiral movement?

  1. Ist        2) 2nd          3) 4th              4) Last                                                                   (SSC CGL Tier-I Exam 2014)

Coding Decoding Answer 


Q1.(2) EQDDYD                               Q2.(4) ECNECSELODA                                Q3.(4)LGGFT

Q4.(3)CAKNCA                                Q5-     TPOS                                  Q6- ku                              Q7. pi

Q8. zu la                                             Q9. dm                                           Q10. cannot be determined


Q11. (4)                 Q12. (1)                     Q13. (2)                    Q14. (3)                   Q15. (1) 60                     Q16. (3)



Q18. (1)sky


Q19. (1)                  Q20. LAMA


Q21. Straight                  

Type 6

Q22.(d)               Q23.(b)                     Q24.(d)                      Q25.(c)                  Q26.(b)