Powers of Lok Sabha

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Powers of Lok Sabha

Important concepts from Powers of Lok Sabha

Special Powers of Lok Sabha –

  1. The “ No Confidence motion” can be introduced and passed only in Lok Sabha.
  2. This power of Lok Sabha is as per article 75 (clause 3).
  3. A Money Bill can be introduced only in Lok Sabha.
  4. In the case of Emergency, it can be revoked by the president on the recommendation of Lok Sabha Alone.

Common provisions of both houses –

  1. According to article 85 the president shall summon the houses in such a way that the gap between the last sitting of first session and first sitting of the next session shall not be more than 6 months.
  2. He shall prorogue the houses.
  3. He may dissolve the Lok sabha.


Sessions of lok Sabha-

Session I (Budget Session) –

  1. It is the longest Session ( From February to May).
  2. This session includes the address of the president to the cabinet.
  3. The Railway Budget is presented by Ministry of Railways which was separated by acworth committee in 1921. Now it has been merged with General Budget from financial year 2017-18.
  4. The Indian Railways is the largest employer of the World.
  5. The Economic Survey of India is presented before producing the General Budget.
  6. The General Budget is presented by the Finance Minister which is written by Ministry of Finance and Ministry of Economic Affairs.

Session II (Monsoon)-

  1. It occurs in the month of July- September.

Session III ( Winter) –

  1. This session takes place in the month of November- December.

Special Session-

  1. Sometimes on special occasion , special sessions also takes place.  
  2. In the year 1997 50 years of Independence was celebrated so a special session took place.

Special Hours of Session

  1. First Hour – It takes place from 11AM – 12PM and is known as Question Hour as it is Notice Based.
  2. Zero Hour – The Zero hour starts from 12 noon. In this session the members of session raises the Questions of Importance. This session cannot be delayed.
  3. The Lok Sabha is conducted daily.
  4. The Rajya Sabha is run Alternatively and it is proposed Daily.

Disqualification of Members of Parliament (MPs)

  1. A member is disqualified if He or She is Non-Citizen.
  2. One should not have any non registered office of Profit otherwise the member is disqualified.
  3. Also a member is disqualified in case Insolvency ( Liabilities > assets)
  4. If a person has or developed Unsound Mind.
  5. If the person is charged under any other Law.

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