Letter Series :- SSC Reasoning

Letter Series :- SSC Reasoning

Directions (1-20) :- In each of the following letter series, some of the letters are missing which are given in that order as one of the alternatives below it. Choose the correct alternative.

1. _ _ aba _ _ ba _ ab

A) abbba

B) abbab

C) baabb

D) bbaba


2. _ baa _ aab _ a _ a

A) aabb

B) aaba

C) abab

D) baab


3. ab _ _ _ b _ bbaa _

A) abaab

B) abbab

C) baaab

D) babba


4. _ _ babbba _ a _ _

A) ababb

B) baaab

C) bbaba

D) babbb


5. aa _ ab _ _ aaa_ a

A) aaab

B) aabb

C) abab

D) baaa


6. a_bbc_aab_cca_bbcc

A) bacb

B) acba

C) abab

D) caba


7. a_aa_bbb_aaa_bbb

A) abba

B) baab

C) aaab

D) abab


8. bc_b_c_b_ccb

A) cbcb

B) bbcb

C) cbbc

D) bcbc


9. abb_baa_a_bab_ab

A) abba

B) abab

C) ccac

D) aabb


10. abca_bcaab_ca_bbc_

A) ccaa

B) bbaa

C) abac

D) abba


11. _bcc_ac_aabb_ab_cc

A) aabca

B) abaca

C) bacab

D) bcaca


12. ab_aa_caab_c_abb_c

A) bbcaa

B) babca

C) cabac

D) cbbac


13. c_bbb_ _ abbbb_abbb_

A) aabcb

B) abccb

C) abacb

D) bacbb


14. b_abbc_bbca_bcabb_ab

A) acaa

B) acba

C) cabc

D) cacc


15. ac_cab_baca_aba_acac

A) aacb

B) acbc

C) babb

D) bcbb


16. _acca_ccca_acccc_aa

A) acca

B) caaa

C) ccaa

D) caac


17. _bc_ _bb_aabc

A) acac

B) babc

C) abab

D) aacc


18. ba_b_aab_a_b

A) abaa

B) abba

C) baab

D) babb


19. aa_cb_cdcc_adda_a_bc

A) bbbdd

B) bbdba

C) bcbda

D) ddbbb


20. aa_c_bcac_abaa_cb_ca

A) bbcbb

B) bbccc

C) abacb

D) aacbb


Solution :- 

1. (A) abab/abab/abab

2. (C) aba/aba/aba/aba

3. (C) abb/aab/abb/aab

4. (D) bab/abb/bab/abb

5. (A) aaaaba/aaaaba

6. (B) aabbcc/aabbcc/aabbcc

7. (B) ab/aaabbb/aaaabbbb

8. (A) bccb/bccb/bccb

9. (A) abba/baab/abba/baab

10. (C) abc/aabc/aabbc/aabbcc

11. (C) bbccaa/ccaabb/aabbcc

12. (D) abc/aabc/aabbc/aabbcc

13. (B) cabbbb/cabbbb/cabbbb

14. (C)  bcab/bcab/bcab/bcab/bcab

15. (A) acac/abab/acac/abab/acac

16. (B) ca/ccaa/cccaaa/ccccaaa

17. (A) abc/cab/bca/abc

18. (B) baab/baab/baab

19. (B) aabc/bbcd/ccda/ddab/aabc

20. (A) aabc/bbca/ccab/aabc/bbca

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