Indian Polity ” The President”

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Indian Polity ” The President”

Important points from Indian Polity ” The President”

The President

Article 52

  1. The provision of president is given in article 52.
  2. There shall be a president who shall be elected by an electoral college, comprising all elected MP, All elected MLAs, including MLAs of Delhi and Pondicherry.
  3. This article represent India as republic.
  4. 14 MPs can not take part in this election.
  5. People take part in election indirectly.
  6. The system of election is called ‘PRS/STV’  i.e Proportional Representation System and Single Transferrable Vote. (PRS/STV).
  7. He is the first citizen of India.


Tenure (Article 56)-

  1. Tenure is of 5 years.
  2. Before that it can end on three conditions-
    1. May resign from the office
    2. May die in office or
    3. Impeachment


Qualification of President-

  1. Citizen of India
  2. He Should have completed  35 years of age.
  3. He should be qualified to become member of lok sabha.
  4. He  should not hold any office of profit.

Powers of President-

  1. He is the formal head of the administration
  2. The president shall have the power to appoint and remove high authorities like the prime ministers, other ministers of the Union, judges, governors of the states, appoints Chiefs of the Army , Navy and Air force.
  3. He appoints 12 members of Rajya Sabha and two anglo Indians in lok Sabha.
  4. He also posses the pardoning powers.
  5. He is the one who declares the wars and concludes peace in a nation.
  6. President of india also have veto power.
  7. He can also promulgate ordinances when parliament is not in session.
  8. He also have the Emergency powers-
    1. To declare National Emergency.
    2. To impose president’s rule in a state.
    3. To Declare the financial Emergency.
  9. Given below is the List of presidents of India.

Presidents of India




Dr. Rajendra Prasad January 1950 to May 1962

Dr Radhakrishnan

May 1962 to May 1967

Dr Zakir Hussain

May 1967 to May 1969

V V Giri

May 1969 to August 1974

Dr Fakhruddin Ali Ahmed

August 1974 to February 1977

Neelam Sanjiva Reddy

July 1977 to July 1982

Zail Singh

July 1982 to July 1987

R Venkataraman

July 1987 to July 1992

Dr Shankar Dayal Sharma

July 1992 to July 1997

K R Narayanan

Dr APJ Abdul Kalam

July 1997 to July 2002

July 2002 to July 2007

Pratibha Devisingh Patil

July 2007 to July 2012

Dr Pranab Mukherjee

July 2012 to Current


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