Indian Polity : LOK SABHA

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Indian Polity : LOK SABHA

Indian Polity : LOK SABHA

Lok Sabha ( House of People)


  1. Not More than 530 members.
  2. These members are elected directly from Union Territories.
  3. There are two Anglo-Indian Members who are nominated by President.
  4. The System of Directly election by the people is known as First Part the Port System.
  5. 530+13+2 = 545 Total no. seats  
  6. Total Vacancy available is 552 but Strength sanctioned is not more than 545.
  7. It will be revised after 10 years.
  8. In 1952, it was constituted and was revised in 1961. The Second Revision took place in 1971.
  9. The Second revision was frozen by 42nd/1976  for 25 years.
  10. By the 84th/ 2001 extended till 2026.
  11. The 1971 census is used in the election of President.
  12. Lok Sabha is the Lower house of parliament is known as House of People.


Tenure –

a) The tenure is of 5 years.

b) Before 5 years the lok sabha can be dissolved by the president. This Process is known as Dissolution.

c) However, it can go beyond 5 years in case of emergency.

d) Parliament can extend tenure but only one year at a time. This can be done any no. of times till emergency is revoked. 



 The Qualification of a member of lok sabha is as follows-

a) He should be citizen of India.

b) He should posses at least 25 years of Age.

c) There should be no office of profit.

d) Also there should be a registered profit.


Officers of Lok Sabha-

Protem speaker-

a)  There shall be a Protem speaker- appointed by the President. The Protem Speaker is the temporary speaker.

b) The oath as a member of  speaker is administered by he President.

c) The oath to other members is administered by the Pro-tem Speaker.

d) The Date of election of speaker is decided by the president.


Speaker and Deputy Speaker

a) Members choose two members among them – one as speaker and other as Deputy speaker.

b) The Speaker and Deputy speakers may be removed by the members by effective majority after a Fourteen day Notice.

c) The First speaker of India was GV Mavlankar. He had been the longest speaker of India from 15 August, 1947.

d) Balram Jakkar had been the longest speaker from the beginning of Indian Constitution( 1950).






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