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1. The Indian government has been wise to avoid escalation in/(a) the face of China’s aggressive barrage,/(b) but that should not stop it from communicating its position in more discreet way. /(C) no error/(d)

2. Any genuine enforcement of a minimum age at work will elude/(a) governments so long as a universal minimum/(b) wage of subsistence for the adult workforce is not implemented scrupulous./(c) NO ERROR /(d) 

3.The fiscal space now available has been strengthen /(a) by steady economic growth, and/(b) more should be done to eliminate subsidies for the richest quintile./(c) NO ERROR/(d) 

4.Sustaining and improving the quality of life will depend on policies/(a) crafted to handle major emerging challenge /(b) such as urbanization, the housing deficit, access to power, water, education and health care./(c) NO ERROR/(d)  

5. Universities are arenas for intellectual evolution,/(a) they are meant to be spaces where discussion/(b) and debate push boundaries, where students can learn the art of provocation./(c) NO ERROR/(d)

6.That so much time should have been lost in both instance/(a) to put the painful past behind them only speaks to the/(b) powerful presence of nationalist sensibilities that invariably distort the moral force of reconciliation./(c) NO ERROR/(d)

7.The favourable public opinion in both countries/(a) towards one another will possibly prove critical in/(b) consolidating upon the current strengths in the economic partnership./(c) NO ERROR/(d)

8.Given the number of ongoing inter-State disputes/(a) and those like to arise in future, it may be difficult for/(b) a single institution with a former Supreme Court judge as its chairperson to give its ruling within three years./(c) NO ERROR/(d)

9. A positive feature of the proposed/(a) changes are that there will be an expert/(b) agency to collect data on rainfall, irrigation and surface water flows./(c) NO ERROR/(d)

10. The Act contains the controversial provision/(a) that condone the employment of children below 14 years/(b) under the rubric of family enterprises and the declassification of several industries as hazardous occupations./(c) NO ERROR/(d)


  1. C , ‘more’ takes plural noun with it so ‘ways’ will replace ‘way’.
  2. C, Here scrupulous is adjective but to describe a verb adverbs are used so ‘scrupulously’ will replace ‘scrupulous’.
  3. A , With has we use the third form of the verb so strengthened will replace strengthen.
  4. B, challenges will replace challenge.
  5. D, NO ERROR
  6. A, ‘Both’ takes plural verb after it so instances will replace instance.
  7. B, for two nouns/things we use each other and for more than two we use one another.
  8. B, likely will replace like.
  9. B, the main subject of the sentence is a positive feature so the verb ‘is’ will replace ‘are’.
  10. B,  controversial provision is the subject here which is singular so condones will replace condone.

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