Election commission of India

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Election commission of India

Important Questions based on Election commission of India

Q-1 In case of dispute related to elections of  the MP and MLA, the disputes are heard by-

a) Election Commission of India

b) President

c) Supreme Court

d) High Court

Q- Who is the present Chief Election Commissioner of India ?

a) V S Sampath

b) S Y Quiraishi

c) H S Brahma

d) Nasim Zaidi

Q- Which of the following is not the Current Election Commission of India?

a) Aanchal Kumar Jyoti

b) Om Prakash Rawat

c) H S Brahma

d) None of these

Q-  The provision of Election Commission of India is mentioned  in which article?

a) Article 347

b) Article 327

c) Article 324 

d) None of these

Q- The Chief Election Commissioner is removed by-

a) President 

b) Impeachment

c) Resigns Himself 

d) None of these

Election commission of India


  1. The Election Commission of India is a constitutional body with the power of Superintendence, direction and Control of :
      1. Preparation of Electoral Rolls.
      2. Conducting of all Elections for –
        1. President
        2. Vice President
        3. Rajya Sabha
        4. Lok Sabha
        5. State Legislative Assembly
        6. Legislative Council
  2. Composition of Election Commission

    1. A chief election commissioner and not more than four Election Commissioner.
    2. The president decides the Strength of the commission time to time.
  3. Qualifications

The Qualifications of the members of the Election commission is not mentioned in the Constitution.

Appointment and Resignation

  1. The ECI is appointed by the president and may resign to  president.
  2. The person who have wide experience in public affairs like IAS officers are chosen for this post.
  3. There is as such no qualification defined for the ECI in the Constitution of India.

Tenure and Removal

  1. The tenure of ECI is 6 years or upto 65 years of age.
  2. The Chief Election Commissioner is removed by the process of Impeachment.
  3. The election Commissioner are removed by the president on the recommendation of Chief Election Commissioner.


  1. The ECI supervises Delimitation Commissions.
  2. It gives the recognition to political parties as National Party and State Party.
  3. The ECI allotes symbols to parties/ candidates.
  4. Also the ECI Monitors the Elections Expenditure.
    1. For eg. The Fund for Member of Parliament ( MP ) is 40 lakh with certified account.
  5. The ECI Imposes and Monitors the “Model Code of Conduct” ( An ethical code applicable on all parties and Candidates).
  6. The ECI directly indulges and solves Election Disputes.

Note: i) If Disputes are related to President and Vice President, the Disputes are heard in Supreme Court.

  1. ii) If Disputes are related to MP and MLA, then they are heard in High Court.
  2. The Current Chief Election commissioner of India is Nasim Zaidi.

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