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Direct and Indirect Speech 1 English section

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Direct and Indirect Speech 1

Important Grammar rules from Direct and Indirect Speech 1




  • Narration refers to description of connected events or a story.
  • Narration comprises of Direct and Indirect Speech.


Direct Speech

  • When the words are reported in “actual way”, it is called direct speech.
  • In direct speech the actual words are quoted in inverted commas.

For instance- Tushar says, “I play Table Tennis. ”

Here, ‘says’ is a reporting verb whereas  ‘I play Table Tennis’ is a reported speech.

Hence, in Direct Speech original words are quoted.

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Indirect Speech

  • When the words are modified and reported according to pronoun and with respect to the narrator, It is called Indirect speech.
  • The inverted commas are not used in Indirect speech.
  • For instance- Tushar says that he plays Table Tennis.



Let us observe the use of Narration in different kind of sentences. The First case will be of Assertive sentences-


Assertive sentences or Simple statement sentences –

Those sentences which are in the form of “simple statements” or “facts” are called assertive sentences.

  • Direct Speech   – Tushar says, “ I  work hard.”
  • Indirect Speech – Tushar says that he works hard.
  • Direct Speech – Virat Kohli says, “ I play according to the ball.”
  • Indirect Speech– Virat Kohli says that he plays according to the ball.
  • Direct Speech – She says to me, “ You Work hard.”
  • Indirect Speech – She tells me that I work hard.
  • Direct Speech – Jitesh Says to me , “ She works hard.”
  • Indirect Speech– Jitesh tells me that she works hard.
  • Direct Speech – Shalu said , “ There are eight planets in solar system.”
  • Indirect Speech– Shalu Said that there are eight planets in solar system.
  • Direct Speech – Sumit said to me , “ I am a  good dancer.”
  • Indirect Speech– Sumit told me that he was a good dancer.
  • Direct Speech – Deepak said, “ I came here yesterday.”
  • Indirect Speech – Deepak Said that he had come there the previous day.
  • Direct Speech – Tushar said, “ Only three persons are running academy”
  • Indirect Speech – Tushar said that only three persons were running academy.
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Furthermore , the remaining rules are discussed in in the next post- Direct and Indirect speech 2.

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