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A large no.of pious people mustered to bolster the neophyte. But the obstinate moron gave an obscene performance which mutilated his career and the show was panned by the pivotal critics.


PIOUS – deeply religious, devoted to a particular religion


Synonyms –  dedicated, devoted, loyal, good

Antonyms –  disloyal, faithless, false, fickle, inconstant


MUSTERED– to gather together (a group of people, soldiers, etc.)

(verb)          to work hard to find or get (courage, support, etc.), an act of assembling

Synonyms – gathering, assembly, meeting


BOLSTER – to support or strengthen, to hold up or serve as a foundation for



Synonyms – support, uphold, brace

Antonyms – to weaken something 


NEOPHYTE – a person who has just started learning or doing something



Synonyms- proselyte, beginner

Antonyms –  expert, master, professional, veteran 


OBSTINATE –  refusing to change behaviour or ideas , stubborn



Synonyms – adamant , bullheaded, hardheaded, immovable, obdurate

Antonyms – acquiescent, agreeable, amenable, compliant


MORON – a very stupid or foolish person




OBSCENE –  very offensive in usually a shocking way

(adjective)   abhorrent to morality or virtue

Synonyms- bawdy, indecent, lewd, vulgar

Antonyms –  clean, decent, non obscene


MUTILATE– to cause severe damage to



Synonyms – cripple, disable, incapacitate

Antonyms –  heal, rehabilitate  


PAN –  to criticize (a book, movie, play, etc.) severely



PIVOTAL – central and most important


Synonyms –  critical, key, crucial, vital

Antonyms –  insignificant, minor, trivial, unimportant



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