Chronology of Indian History: Part I

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Chronology of Indian History: Part I

Points to Ponder in Chronology of Indian History: Part I


a) The word periodisation refers to the process in which history is categorized to facilitate its study and analysis.

b) The categoristion is done on the basis of Discrete and Quantified Events  of time.

c) The periodisation of Indian history is-

i) Ancient India – Upto 750 AD ( AD means Anno Domini – Year of christ)

ii) Medieval India – From 750 AD to 1707 AD

iii) Modern India – From 1757 AD to 1947 AD


Chronology of Indian History:

a) The term Chronology is derived from two latin words –  “Chronos” which means time and “Logos” which means science.

b) It refers to the science of arranging events in the order of their occurrence.

c) For instance, timeline of events.

d) It can also be considered as determination of actual sequence of past events.


Chronology of Ancient India



2350- 1750 BC                             Indus Valley Civilisation.

Before this period is considered as prehistory. Because the written evidences for this period was not there.

1500 – 600 BC Vedic Age/ Aryan Age – this Period is famous for Oldest scriptures of Hinduism
1500 – 1000 BC Early Vedic Age- Agricultural advancements, Religion development, killing of animals.
1000 – 600 BC Later Vedic Age
600 BC Age of Transformation – New Changes evolved.

Religious Changes – Rise of New Sects : Buddhism and Jainism.

Political Changes – State Formation. There was formation of Sixteen Great States known as Shodash Mahajanapadas

600 – 25 BC Magadh Empire ( Capital- Pataliputra) In this Era the empires came with capital.  
321- 185 BC Maurya Dynasty – This period was considered as extensive Iron age historical power. This period dominated the Ancient India.
150 – 250 BC Post Mauryan Period- This period observed onslaught of many foreign travellers. These travellers belong to mainly North western part of World.
319 – 550 AD Gupta Dynasty/ Empire- In this period India was ruled by numerous regional kingdoms.
550 – 750 AD Post Gupta Period- This period was considered as weak period due to absence of a Great Leader or Emperor.
606- 647 AD Era of Harshwardhan- He was from Haryana. The capital was kannauj. It was Important capital after patliputra.



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