Blood Relations Notes for SSC with Practice Question

Blood Relations Notes for SSC with Practice Question

Blood Relations Notes for SSC with Practice Question

Blood Relations Notes for SSC with Practice Question

In these type of questions, The information  is given about the  different relationships  among Different people.  The relationship can be direct or indirect . After examining the question carefully we have to identify the relationship between people and answer the given questions Accordingly.

+ Male


I generation gap

—    zero level because of same generation brother and Sister, sister and brother, sister and sister, brother and brother

= Husband and Wife

Parents = Mother and father.

Children = Son or Daughter

Siblings = Brother, Sister, Cousins.

Spouse = Husband and wife.

Relationships :

Aunt : In English Aunt mean father’s sister, mother’s sister, father’s brother’s wife or mother’s brother’s wife.

Uncle : In english Uncle mean father’s brother, Mother’s brother,  Father’s sister’s husband’s, Mother’s sister’s husband.

Niece : brother’s and sister’s daughter.

Nephew : Brother’s and Sister’s son.

Cousins :  Children of aunt and uncle .

Father in-law : Father of spouse

Mother in-law : Mother of Spouse.

Sister in-law could be sister of spouse, wife of brother,  wife of spouse brother.

Brother in-law could be brother of spouse, husband of sister, husband of spouse sister.

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A relation on the mother’s side is called “ maternal” while that on the father’s side is called “ paternal”. Thus mother’s brother is “ maternal uncle” while father’s brother is ‘“paternal uncle

We have generations like below:-              

(G=Grand)                  (Gr=Great)

Gr.G Father                 Gr.G Mother

G Father                      G Mother

Father                         Mother


Son                             Daughter

Grand son                  Granddaughter

Gr.G Son                    Gr.G Daughter


Relationship Chart

Type Relation
Mother’s Or father’s son brother
mother’s or father’s daughter sister
mother’s or father’s brother uncle
mother’s or father’s sister aunt
Mother’s or father’s father grandfather
mother’s or father’s mother grandmother
son’s wife daughter in law
daughter’s husband son-in-law
husband’s or wife’s sister sister in law
husband’s or wife’s brother brother in law
brother’s/sister’s son nephew
brother’s/sister’s/ daughter niece
uncle or aunt’s son or daughter cousin
sister’s husband brother in law
Brother’s wife sister in law
grandson or granddaughter of daughter great granddaughter
Grandfather’s grandson Brother
Grandfather’s granddaughter Sister


Relations :

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Practice Questions For SSC  :

Q1. Introducing a man, a Woman said” his mother is the only daughter of my father”. how is the man related to the woman?

  1. brother
  2. son
  3. father
  4. Uncle
  5. None of These

Q2.Pointing to a  girl in the photograph, Amar said ,” her mother’s brother is the only son of my mother’s father.” how is the girl’s mother related to Amar?

  1. Mother
  2. sister
  3. aunt
  4. grandmother
  5. none of these

Q3. L is the Father of P, who is the father of S.M is the grandmother of R, who is the son of O.N is paternal uncle of R, who is brother of S. What is the relationship between O and R?

  1. Mother and son
  2. uncle and nephew
  3. Father and son
  4. No relation
  5. Cannot be determined

Q4  A,B,C,D,E and F are 6 member of a family.A is the son of C. and E is the daughter of A.D is the daughter of F  who is the mother of E.B   is the spouse of C. Find number of male and Female .Also find the relationship between B and D?

  1. 2,4,no relation
  2. 2,4,cannot determined
  3. 4,2,grandfather-granddaughter
  4. 4,2,grandmother-granddaughter
  5. cannot be determined


Study the following information carefully and answer the questions given below:

P @ Q means ‘P is the sister of Q’

P + Q means ‘P is the brother of Q’

P $ Q means ‘P is the husband of Q’

P % Q means ’P is the mother of Q’

P & Q  means ’P is the father of Q’

Q5. Which of the following indicates that ‘D is niece of A’?

  1. A+M%R$D@V
  2. B&D$H+A%T
  3. A$F%W@D%M
  4. A+k&D@L$Q
  5. none of these

Q6. What will come in the place of question mark (?) in the expression ‘A+B@C&D?E’ if it indicates that C is father in law of E?

  1. &
  2. %
  3. $
  4. +
  5. @

Q7. Which of the following can be the correct conclusion drawn from the expression


  1. D is daughter of
  2. C is paternal uncle of F
  3. A is the father of C and E
  4. A has two daughters and only one son.
  5. None of these

Q8. Which of the following can be the correct conclusion drawn from the expression?


  1. E is the sister of C and D
  2. C is aunt of E
  3. D is daughter of B
  4. B has two daughters
  5. B is grandmother of F


Q (9-10)In a family there are two fathers, two mothers, one sister, one brother, two daughter, one mother-in-law, one daughter-in-law, two sister-in-law, one son, one grandfather, one grand mother and one granddaughter.

Q 9.How many married couples are there in the family ?

  1. a) three                b) one                c) two                d) four

Q 10. How many female members are their in family?

  1. Three                  b) two                 c) four                 d) one



  1. B             2. A               3. C               4. B                5. D                  6. C             7. B             8. E            9. C           10 .D


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