Vice bad or immoral behavior or habits

(noun)  a moral fault or failing


Insatiable – always wanting more

(adjective)  not able to be satisfied

Avarice – a strong desire to have or get money

(noun)     greed

As Justice Amitava Roy wrote in his concurring order, “corruption is a vice of insatiable avarice for self-aggrandisement by the unscrupulous, taking unfair advantage of their power and authority.


Abate – to become weaker

(verb)   to lessen in strength

(abates, abated, abating )

Wrath – extreme anger


The charges against Jayalalithaa abated following her death last December, but Ms. Sasikala had to face the full wrath of the Supreme Court.

Abase to behave in a way that makes anybody seem lower or less deserving of respect


(Abases, abased, abasing)

Trifling – having little value or importance


(more trifling, most trifling)


Abdicating –  to leave the position of being a king or queen


(Abdicates, abdicated, abdicating)

‘I was in the bathroom — I did NOT abdicate!’

She is ABASING me for a TRIFLING issue and that’s why i am ABDICATING this job. 


Invincible – unbeatable , unconquerable

(adjective)    impossible to defeat or overcome

Synonyms –  indomitable, insurmountable, invulnerable

Invincibility – noun

Invisibleness – noun

Invincibly – adverb


The continuous 5th time winning of Serena Williams proved that she is invincible.


Lofty – tall, high, towering               

(adj.)     extending to a great distance upwards

The mountains in Manali are lofty and beautiful.


Acronym – a word formed from the first letters of each one of the                            words in a phrase


World Health Organisation- WHO



Clamour to make a loud noise or demand

 ( verb)

Usually when a man says that he is feminist, everyone clamours up to give him semi-god status.


Gratification – reward

We as humans seek short term gratification instead of long term satisfaction.


Perpetuate – to make something everlasting

     (verb)                Continuing forever

Perpetual – adjective        Perpetually- adverb


I don’t know if i am in a position to put the blame of perpetuating patriarchy on to the selfish shoulders of men.


Bestowed – to give as a gift or honour

     (verb)      to put in a particular place or appropriate use


We are all so taken by the roles bestowed upon us from generations.


Volatility likely to change in a very sudden or extreme way

        (noun)        likely to become dangerous or out of control


Lexicon – dictionary

  (noun)       the words used in a language or by a person or group of people  


Pent-up  held or kept inside :  not released


Savvy – knowledge gained by actually doing or living through something

(noun)       expertise


Nimble -able to learn and understand things quickly and easily

   (adj.)    able to move quickly, easily, and lightly

  (nimbler, nimblest)

There was a kind of pent-up energy in the organisation to prove to ourselves and the world outside that we can be a nimble, savvy and innovative company.




Litany – a long list of complaints, problems

(noun)  a prayer in a Christian church service in which the people at the service  

                  respond  to lines spoken by the person who is leading the service


Contempt – a feeling that someone or something is not worthy of any respect or

(noun)              approval


Mourn – to feel or express sorrow

 (verb)    To show the customary signs of grief for a death


Mourner – noun     Mourningly – adverb


For once, the litany of complaint, contempt and mourning that surrounded Mr. Gandhi and the congress has been muted.


Protagonist – an important person who is involved in a competition, conflict, or cause

 (noun)        the main character in a novel, play, movie, etc.

Tandem – a group 0f two or more arranged one behind the other

(noun)          a group of two people or things that work together or are associated with

                            each other

The two protagonists seem to fit in tandem, each striking a different note.


Valorizeto assign value or merit to

(verb)            to validate something


Valorization – noun

We live in a society which valorizes youth and change.


Mockery to copy someone or something

 (noun)     behaviour or speech that makes fun of someone in a hurtful manner


Exasperate – to make someone very angry or annoyed


Exasperated / exasperating- adjective       Exasperatedly – adverb


Being a feminist today is as bad as being a fan of sharukh khan in the year Ra one was released. Constant mockery is replaced by exasperated sighs, followed by rolling of eyes. And finally people just pretend you are invisible.


Connotation an idea or quality that a word makes you think about in addition to its

    (noun)             Meaning

Even after several announcements that feminism means belief in the social,political and economic quality of the genders, it hasn’t managed to shake its unfair negative connotation.







  1.  MireThick and deep mud      

   (noun)          Troublesome situation


  1. Implicate – to show that someone or something is closely connected to or involved in   

         (verb)               something


  1. Mettle – ability to continue despite difficulties

   (noun)            Strength of spirit


A quarrel that was deeply implicated in the mire of U.P. politics involving Amar singh and Yadavs suddenly  appeared to become a spring cleaning exercise, an opportunity for youth to test their mettle against an older political style.


  1. Fiddle to play a violin                                                                                                                                                  (noun)      Used to describe playing folk music


To play second fiddle – to have a less important position or status than someone or

                                                  Something else


Congress is playing second fiddle to samajwadi party.


  1. Repertoire – all the plays, dances that the performers know and can perform


  1. Tactics – an action or method that is planned to achieve a particular goal



Electoral politics teaches that with its wide repertoire of tactics ,you can indeed make a silk purse of a sow’s ear.


  1. Intriguing – extremely interesting



  1. Shrewd – mentally sharp or clever


    Shrewdness – Noun        Shrewdly – adverb

  1. Ruthless – having no pity, cruel


Ruthlessly -adverb           Ruthlessness-noun


What is equally intriguing is the silence of Ms. Mayawati, a shrewd politician. She is keeping her cards close to her chest, hoping to drive a ruthless bargain as the nature of the field changes.







She acquired KUDOS for her ASSIDUOUS nature. Being a JUGGERNAUT, she never used any SUBTERFUGE to obtain material for her stories. She has taken a VOW for the RESUSCITATING Of the newspaper. Her VALOUR never FALTERED. She never ADMONISHED or APPALLED somebody and maintained an AMICABLE Behaviour with everyone and finally BOLSTERED the newspaper by reducing FUTILE  and COUNTERFEIT cover stories.


KUDOS – praise and honour received for an achievement

ASSIDUOUS– hard work,diligent, sedulous,laborious

JUGGERNAUT-a huge powerful and overwhelming force

SUBTERFUGE-dishonesty, deceit used in order to achieve one’s goal


RESUSCITATING-to make something active or lively again,to renew


FALTERED-to move unsteadily or hesitantly

ADMONISHED-to scold someone,to reprimand firmly

APPALLED– to horrify someone

AMICABLE-friendly, warm, cordial,harmonious

BOLSTERED– to support,to strengthen,to make strong

FUTILE-incapable of producing any useful result,pointless,nugatory



Blood Relations Notes for SSC with Practice Question

Blood Relations Notes for SSC with Practice Question

Blood Relations Notes for SSC with Practice Question

In these type of questions, The information  is given about the  different relationships  among Different people.  The relationship can be direct or indirect . After examining the question carefully we have to identify the relationship between people and answer the given questions Accordingly.

+ Male


I generation gap

—    zero level because of same generation brother and Sister, sister and brother, sister and sister, brother and brother

= Husband and Wife

Parents = Mother and father.

Children = Son or Daughter

Siblings = Brother, Sister, Cousins.

Spouse = Husband and wife.

Relationships :

Aunt : In English Aunt mean father’s sister, mother’s sister, father’s brother’s wife or mother’s brother’s wife.

Uncle : In english Uncle mean father’s brother, Mother’s brother,  Father’s sister’s husband’s, Mother’s sister’s husband.

Niece : brother’s and sister’s daughter.

Nephew : Brother’s and Sister’s son.

Cousins :  Children of aunt and uncle .

Father in-law : Father of spouse

Mother in-law : Mother of Spouse.

Sister in-law could be sister of spouse, wife of brother,  wife of spouse brother.

Brother in-law could be brother of spouse, husband of sister, husband of spouse sister.

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A relation on the mother’s side is called “ maternal” while that on the father’s side is called “ paternal”. Thus mother’s brother is “ maternal uncle” while father’s brother is ‘“paternal uncle

We have generations like below:-              

(G=Grand)                  (Gr=Great)

Gr.G Father                 Gr.G Mother

G Father                      G Mother

Father                         Mother


Son                             Daughter

Grand son                  Granddaughter

Gr.G Son                    Gr.G Daughter


Relationship Chart

Type Relation
Mother’s Or father’s son brother
mother’s or father’s daughter sister
mother’s or father’s brother uncle
mother’s or father’s sister aunt
Mother’s or father’s father grandfather
mother’s or father’s mother grandmother
son’s wife daughter in law
daughter’s husband son-in-law
husband’s or wife’s sister sister in law
husband’s or wife’s brother brother in law
brother’s/sister’s son nephew
brother’s/sister’s/ daughter niece
uncle or aunt’s son or daughter cousin
sister’s husband brother in law
Brother’s wife sister in law
grandson or granddaughter of daughter great granddaughter
Grandfather’s grandson Brother
Grandfather’s granddaughter Sister


Relations :

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Practice Questions For SSC  :

Q1. Introducing a man, a Woman said” his mother is the only daughter of my father”. how is the man related to the woman?

  1. brother
  2. son
  3. father
  4. Uncle
  5. None of These

Q2.Pointing to a  girl in the photograph, Amar said ,” her mother’s brother is the only son of my mother’s father.” how is the girl’s mother related to Amar?

  1. Mother
  2. sister
  3. aunt
  4. grandmother
  5. none of these

Q3. L is the Father of P, who is the father of S.M is the grandmother of R, who is the son of O.N is paternal uncle of R, who is brother of S. What is the relationship between O and R?

  1. Mother and son
  2. uncle and nephew
  3. Father and son
  4. No relation
  5. Cannot be determined

Q4  A,B,C,D,E and F are 6 member of a family.A is the son of C. and E is the daughter of A.D is the daughter of F  who is the mother of E.B   is the spouse of C. Find number of male and Female .Also find the relationship between B and D?

  1. 2,4,no relation
  2. 2,4,cannot determined
  3. 4,2,grandfather-granddaughter
  4. 4,2,grandmother-granddaughter
  5. cannot be determined


Study the following information carefully and answer the questions given below:

P @ Q means ‘P is the sister of Q’

P + Q means ‘P is the brother of Q’

P $ Q means ‘P is the husband of Q’

P % Q means ’P is the mother of Q’

P & Q  means ’P is the father of Q’

Q5. Which of the following indicates that ‘D is niece of A’?

  1. A+M%R$D@V
  2. B&D$H+A%T
  3. A$F%W@D%M
  4. A+k&D@L$Q
  5. none of these

Q6. What will come in the place of question mark (?) in the expression ‘A+B@C&D?E’ if it indicates that C is father in law of E?

  1. &
  2. %
  3. $
  4. +
  5. @

Q7. Which of the following can be the correct conclusion drawn from the expression


  1. D is daughter of
  2. C is paternal uncle of F
  3. A is the father of C and E
  4. A has two daughters and only one son.
  5. None of these

Q8. Which of the following can be the correct conclusion drawn from the expression?


  1. E is the sister of C and D
  2. C is aunt of E
  3. D is daughter of B
  4. B has two daughters
  5. B is grandmother of F


Q (9-10)In a family there are two fathers, two mothers, one sister, one brother, two daughter, one mother-in-law, one daughter-in-law, two sister-in-law, one son, one grandfather, one grand mother and one granddaughter.

Q 9.How many married couples are there in the family ?

  1. a) three                b) one                c) two                d) four

Q 10. How many female members are their in family?

  1. Three                  b) two                 c) four                 d) one



  1. B             2. A               3. C               4. B                5. D                  6. C             7. B             8. E            9. C           10 .D


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Election commission of India

Election commission of India

Important Questions based on Election commission of India

Q-1 In case of dispute related to elections of  the MP and MLA, the disputes are heard by-

a) Election Commission of India

b) President

c) Supreme Court

d) High Court

Q- Who is the present Chief Election Commissioner of India ?

a) V S Sampath

b) S Y Quiraishi

c) H S Brahma

d) Nasim Zaidi

Q- Which of the following is not the Current Election Commission of India?

a) Aanchal Kumar Jyoti

b) Om Prakash Rawat

c) H S Brahma

d) None of these

Q-  The provision of Election Commission of India is mentioned  in which article?

a) Article 347

b) Article 327

c) Article 324 

d) None of these

Q- The Chief Election Commissioner is removed by-

a) President 

b) Impeachment

c) Resigns Himself 

d) None of these

Election commission of India


  1. The Election Commission of India is a constitutional body with the power of Superintendence, direction and Control of :
      1. Preparation of Electoral Rolls.
      2. Conducting of all Elections for –
        1. President
        2. Vice President
        3. Rajya Sabha
        4. Lok Sabha
        5. State Legislative Assembly
        6. Legislative Council
  2. Composition of Election Commission

    1. A chief election commissioner and not more than four Election Commissioner.
    2. The president decides the Strength of the commission time to time.
  3. Qualifications

The Qualifications of the members of the Election commission is not mentioned in the Constitution.

Appointment and Resignation

  1. The ECI is appointed by the president and may resign to  president.
  2. The person who have wide experience in public affairs like IAS officers are chosen for this post.
  3. There is as such no qualification defined for the ECI in the Constitution of India.

Tenure and Removal

  1. The tenure of ECI is 6 years or upto 65 years of age.
  2. The Chief Election Commissioner is removed by the process of Impeachment.
  3. The election Commissioner are removed by the president on the recommendation of Chief Election Commissioner.


  1. The ECI supervises Delimitation Commissions.
  2. It gives the recognition to political parties as National Party and State Party.
  3. The ECI allotes symbols to parties/ candidates.
  4. Also the ECI Monitors the Elections Expenditure.
    1. For eg. The Fund for Member of Parliament ( MP ) is 40 lakh with certified account.
  5. The ECI Imposes and Monitors the “Model Code of Conduct” ( An ethical code applicable on all parties and Candidates).
  6. The ECI directly indulges and solves Election Disputes.

Note: i) If Disputes are related to President and Vice President, the Disputes are heard in Supreme Court.

  1. ii) If Disputes are related to MP and MLA, then they are heard in High Court.
  2. The Current Chief Election commissioner of India is Nasim Zaidi.



A large no.of pious people mustered to bolster the neophyte. But the obstinate moron gave an obscene performance which mutilated his career and the show was panned by the pivotal critics.


PIOUSdeeply religious, devoted to a particular religion



MUSTERED to gather together (a group of people, soldiers, etc.)

(verb)          to work hard to find or get (courage, support, etc.), an act of assembling

Synonyms – gathering, assembly, meeting


BOLSTER – to support or strengthen, to hold up or serve as a foundation for


Synonyms – support, uphold, brace


NEOPHYTEa person who has just started learning or doing something


Synonyms- proselyte, beginner


OBSTINATE –  refusing to change behavior or ideas , stubborn


Synonyms – adamant , bullheaded, hardheaded, immovable, obdurate


MORON – a very stupid or foolish person



OBSCENE –  very offensive in usually a shocking way

(adjective)   abhorrent to morality or virtue

Synonyms- bawdy, indecent, lewd, vulgar


MUTILATE– to cause severe damage to



PAN –  to criticize (a book, movie, play, etc.) severely



PIVOTAL – central and most important





She was lamenting over the rampant fall of her lucrative company which was recently relegated from the list of legal companies. The limpid accounts of this company were found to be fallacies which abashed her in front of the media. Her own adroit workers militated against the company who are culpable of this fall. After this


LAMENTING– to express sorrow or regret, to mourn aloud



RAMPANT –  huge and uncontrolled


Synonyms – unbridled, intemperate, uncontrolled


LUCRATIVE–  producing wealth, profitable



RELEGATED– to send into exile

(verb)                to put in a lower position


LIMPID– transparent , perfectly clear


Synonyms- lucent, crystal clear,pellucid


FALLACY – a false or mistaken idea

(noun)         a wrong belief


ABASH embarrassed or ashamed


Synonyms – embarrass, discomfit, disconcert


ADROIT – clever and skillful



MILITATE – to work against

(verb)       to make something unlikely to happen


CULPABLE– deserving blame

(adjective)  the one who is guilty


Comptroller and Auditor General of India

comptroller and auditor general of india 

Important Questions based on Comptroller and Auditor General of India

Q- Who acts as the Guardian of the Public Purse?

a) Supreme Court Judge

b) CAG 

c) ECI

d) None

Q- Who is the Present Comptroller and Auditor General of India?

a) TS Thakur

b) Shashi kant Sharma

c) Vinod Rai

d) Murali Manohar Joshi


Q- The Provision of  functions of CAG is given in which article?

a) Article 147

b) Article 149

c) Article 150

d) Article 153 

Comptroller and Auditor General of India


Article 148-

a) According to this Article-There shall be a Comptroller and Auditor General of India (CAGI) appointed by the President and may be removed on Like Grounds and in the Like manner as a Judge of Supreme Court is removed.

b) The Comptroller and Auditor General of India removal is difficult and is removed by the method of Impeachment.

c) The Tenure is 6 years or till 65 years.

d) He or She may resign to the President.

e) After retirement of CAG , he shall not hold any post under the Govt.(s) ( Both the Government).

f) The Functions are :  To Audit all accounts of the Governments ( State and Union Government)  and their agencies and make reports .

g) The reports made by the CAG are submitted to Governor or The President.

h) Furthermore, the reports are put forward of legislatures for discuss and review purposes.


Reports given by the CAG are examined by the Oldest committee called  Public account Committee (PAC) and the committee can act accordingly.


Special points about CAG

  1. The CAG acts as the Watchdog of the Indian Public Finances.
  2. The CAG also acts as the Agent of the Parliament.
  3. The CAG is known as the Guardian of Government Money or Public Purse ( Public Money).
  4. There are four bodies who are considered as the Defensive wall of the Indian Democratic System – Supreme Court, Election Commission of India, Union Public Service Commision and Comptroller and Auditor General of India.


Special Functions of CAG-


  1. The provision of the functions of CAG is given in 
  2. He can check feasibilty of Financial Transactions.
  3. He acts as a Friend, Philosopher and Guide of PAC.
  4. The Present CAG is Shashikant Sharma who was appointed on 23rd May 2013.
  5. The CAG Audits accounts only when Requested by the President or Governor.